You asked, and I answered. For all you working mommas on the go looking for a breast pump that works hard with a whisper, I think I’ve found the one for you. The Medela Sonata features a compact design, battery charger, and bluetooth integration with the MyMedela App to track your breast pumping journey.

According to Medela’s website, the Sonata promises to be the smart, quiet solution to help you meet your breast pumping goals, but does it meet the challenge? Let’s get the lowdown on this innovative product with our Medela Sonata Breast Pump Review.

About the Medela Sonata

Medela is a trusted name in the breast pump industry. And while some critics complain that they’ve grown stagnant as a company, the Sonata reveals that they are still just as invested in research and development as ever.

While mom’s have been using apps to track baby’s progress for about as long as smart phones have existed, the Sonata is one of the first smart pumps to directly connect with your device. The MyMedela app takes your pumping into the 21st century by automatically syncing to your Sonata to track and time pumping sessions.

Designed to keep up with the needs of modern moms, the Sonata weighs just 2.2 pounds and comes with a discrete and simple carrying case. A double-electric pump with rechargeable batteries, this pump gets the job quickly done wherever you need it to.

So whether you’re pumping at your lunch break at work to feed baby the best, or just trying to boost your supply at home with a quick session while your little one naps, the Medela Sonata is the right choice for you.

Medela Sonata Design & Features

The Sonata is a high end pump, without a doubt. If you’re on a budget and your insurance won’t pay for it, the Medela Sonata is going to be an investment. But when I look at all the features and compare it to other pumps on the market, there’s no way I could say that the Sonata isn’t worth the price tag.

It’s got everything you’d expect in a top-of-the-line breast pump, of course. The Sonata is a hospital grade double pump that utilizes a closed system for maximum hygiene. Responsive pump technology means that you don’t have to manually adjust the suction, but it’s also got a letdown button just in case that’s your preference.

What makes the Sonata different, though, is a unique 2 rhythm selector. Far from the typical massage and expression modes that most pumps include to emulate baby’s suck, the Sonata allows you to choose from the signature or lifestyle rhythms.

In signature mode, you’ve got a super strong suction that pumps more efficiently than anything on the market. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this sucker (forgive the pun) gets the job done. Signature mode is the default rhythm, and moms who’ve had trouble pumping in the past are going to fall in love with this one.

In lifestyle mode, the pump isn’t as strong, but it is quiet as a mouse. You could probably pump with someone standing with their back to you and they wouldn’t know what was up. Lifestyle mode is going to be your go-to rhythm if you need to pump at work or other places where discretion is key.








Medela Sonata Pros & Cons Explained


If you’ve used a lot of different pumps before, you know that they can vary greatly in the comfort department. Some are gentle, and others make you feel like a dairy cow in an industrial milk factory.

While getting the milk flowing is obviously an important factor in any breast pump, you don’t want to end up with sore or cracked nipples after every session. Pumping is bothersome enough as it is. Who needs another reason to get anxious over it?

And that’s why this Medela Sonata review ranks this breast pump’s comfort level so high. While other pumps feel like they’re playing tug of war with you, the Sonata does such a better job at mimicking baby that sitting down to pump is so much easier.


I mentioned before that the Sonata is pricey. It’s one of the most expensive in its class, but not without good reason. However, I couldn’t give it a good ranking on price because it’s just not an ideal choice for moms who are looking to buy based on price.

If economy is the name of your game, take a look at the Spectra S1. You’ll get many of the same features without as many bells and whistles at a significantly lower price.


The Sonata is a sturdy pump with a sleek and unobtrusive design. It is built to last and will serve you for baby after baby. For this reason, the pump gets a high score for quality in my Sonata breast pump review.

It does have a few flaws that are worth mentioning, though. For starters, the accessories—other than the shields and bottles—don’t fit other Medela pumps. While this might not affect you at all, it could matter a lot if you are upgrading from another Medela system and haven’t budgeted for replacement parts yet.

The other slight issue is battery life. You should be able to get a full hour (or 3 to 4 pumpings) out of the Sonata before needing to recharge it. While this is probably plenty long enough for most mommas, it might not work out if you are going to be away from baby all day without a place to plug in.


I’d go so far as to label the Sonata as library friendly when you’ve got it running in lifestyle mode. The quietness of this pump alone makes it worth the hefty price tag for mommas who absolutely need discretion.

Medela Sonata Breast Pump Review: The Final Verdict

Here are my final thoughts for this Medela Sonata breast pump review to help you decide if it’s the right match for you.

The Sonata is BEST for…

Working and on-the-go moms.

For its unrivaled pumping power, superior silence, and lightweight design, the Medela Sonata is one of the best choices for mommas who need something that they can carry with them and fire up at will without causing a ruckus.

The Sonata is NOT For…

Moms on a budget.

Medela designed this to be their cadillac. With MyMedela integration and a 2-rhythm pump system, the Sonata is loaded with fancy upgrades that you can easily do without if you are trying to save money.

Overall, the final verdict of my Medela Sonata Review is that, as long as you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed with this pump. It’s powerful, efficient, quiet, and built with modern moms in mind.

Thanks for reading, and happy pumping!