Alright mommas, today we’re gonna take a closer look at the Spectra S2. The S2 promises a lot in a little pump: hospital grade power with a gentle touch, versatility of pumping modes but quiet as a mouse.

The S2 is, perhaps, one of the most raved about pumps on the market—so we decided to dig a little bit deeper with our Spectra S2 review. We reached out to twenty or so pumping mommas just like you who have actually used the S2 in order to get their take on its comfort, quality, and more compared to other pumps they’ve used in the past. Our survey respondents were a good mix of first time moms and long time pumpers (Heidi L. came in at the top as a momma to six little lovelies!).

We’ll mix in audience comments with our own to give you the best all around review of the Spectra S2 that you can find.

About the Spectra S2

Spectra is a relatively new competitor in the breast pump scene, only having entered the market in 2013. But the company’s youth hasn’t held them back from making big waves in the industry. Search reviews online and you’ll hear again and again about how Spectra pumps offer powerful suction without discomfort. Many happy mommas are converting to Spectra as their go-to pump of choice.

In fact, among the 14 of our survey respondents who had used a different pump before the S2, all but one of them said the Spectra S2 was better or significantly better than other pumps they had used (scored a 4 or 5 on a five-point scale). Here are just a few samples of what mommas had to say about the S2 compared to other pumps:

It’s much more gentle, yet stronger, than the Medela PISA I used prior to it.

  • Kimberly M., mom of 2 

The suction seems much better and is overall more comfortable [than Medela].

  • Anonymous, mom of 2

Spectra S2 Design & Features

The Spectra S2 offers a hospital grade pump at an affordable price. Designed as a closed pump system for maximum hygiene, the S2 ensures that the pump’s tubes and milk collection unit don’t contaminate one another.

Like many breast pumps, the S2 features two modes, massage and expression, in order to best mimic the way real babies feed. Start a pumping session with short and shallow pumps just like baby does to elicit a letdown. Once your milk lets down, the S2 will transfer to expression mode, where a deeper suction pattern will keep the milk flowing.

And, if you’re the sort of momma who has trouble letting down from a machine (no shame in that, ladies), the S2 allows you to switch back and forth between massage and expression modes with the touch of a button.

The S2 comes equipped with a ton of other handy design features for maximum versatility and convenience:

  • Digital speed and rhythm controls for easy customization
  • Setting memory for once you’ve found your perfect match
  • Nightlight for those boring midnight pumping sessions
  • Parts are BPA free!!!
  • Single or double pump functionality
  • Super light and portable (just 4 pounds!)

One momma of two who wished to remain anonymous captured the beauty of the S2’s design with this comment:

The patterns of the Spectra mimic the baby’s much more closely than my Medela or Ameda. And it’s so quiet!








Spectra S2 Pros & Cons Explained


After pump strength, comfort is the number one concern of any momma who needs to pump. Let’s face it, no mom, ever, anywhere, has ever said “Gee I can’t wait to pump tonight!”

We all know what a hassle it is, but we do it because we want the best for our little ones.

The S2 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to comfort. It competes with any other brand on the market and also features optional silicone inserts for extra cushioning and comfort.

Almost half of the women we surveyed specifically commended the Spectra’s comfort or gentleness. Beyond just comfortable, one momma even went so far as to say that the S2 “somewhat massages as you’re pumping”. One long time mother of five who we can assume has been pumping for a while adds that the S2 is “kinder to my nipples… than other pumps”.

If you are seeking a powerful pump that doesn’t sacrifice on comfortability, the Spectra S2 is obviously a strong choice.


Compared to other pumps in its class, the Spectra S2 is as affordable as they come. Although price isn’t as much of a concern for a lot of moms because most insurance providers now cover breast pumps, it’s still an important factor for those whose insurance only allows certain brands.

The S2 is significantly cheaper than its sister, the S1, because it does not include a battery. It only functions when plugged in directly through an AC-adapter. For mommas on the go who need wireless pumping, the Spectra S1 is the perfect alternative. It’s is nearly identical to the S2 except for the rechargeable battery.


The S2 is a hospital grade pump. This isn’t just an empty term thrown on by marketers to sound more hygienic or trustworthy. A hospital grade pump is one that has the endurance to be used by different people (as long as they each use their own accessories for the sake of hygiene).

While you probably aren’t buying the S2 to share around, the benefit of a “hospital grade” pump is that it is meant to last. So, if you are a working momma, or if supply issues force you to pump multiple times per day, you want something durable like the S2. Several of our survey moms specifically highlighted the ability of the S2 to produce milk or help with low supply:

Easy to use, quiet, effective at getting my milk out, suction doesn’t hurt.

  • Anonymous, mom of 5

It’s more gentle and efficient than my other pump because of the ability to control the suction and speed separately.

  • Lexy B., mom of 3


After comfort, the quietness of the Spectra S2 was by far the most common comment from our mommas. Eight out of nineteen surveyed specifically mentioned lack of noise as one of the benefits of the pump.

One even commented that the S2 is so quiet that she “can actually pump in public without anyone knowing”. More power to you, momma! If we’re gonna normalize public breastfeeding, we might as well set our sights on pumping as well.

Spectra S2 Review: The Final Verdict

Alright, let’s wrap it up with our final thoughts on the Spectra S2 overall.

The S2 is BEST for…

Mommas with supply issues.

It’s hospital grade durability, best-in-class suction, and rave-worthy comfort make the S2 a pump you can use multiple times a day, every day without feeling sore or overworked (we make no guarantees about the mind-numbing boredom of pumping, though!).

The adjustable strength in both massage and expression modes—as well as the convenient ability to save your favored settings—ensures that the all-too-common frustration that accompanies pumping to boost supply is a little bit easier and a little less heartbreaking.

Furthermore, the fact that it works as a single or double pump means that you can work on milk supply issues on both sides if you need to, but still have the option to pump on just one if you want.

The S2 is NOT for…

Mommas regularly pumping on the go.

While the S2 is both lightweight and quiet, the lack of a battery option means you will always be restricted to pumping near an outlet, and you have one more piece of equipment to lug around: an AC-adapter.

While the S2 could be a good fit for working moms whose employers provide a designated pumping room, the Spectra S1 is a better choice if you never know where you’ll be pumping next. As we already mentioned, it features a rechargeable battery pack allowing you to literally pump anywhere without being tethered down.

The final verdict of our Spectra S2 review is that it is the perfect combination of power and comfort. As a hospital grade breast pump with superior suction and ultimate customization, the S2 stands out as an affordable pump to help you boost supply and create a steady stash of precious momma milk for you little one.